B3 Consulting

I am a results-driven corporate communications executive with comprehensive external and internal communications experience based on 25 years working in consulting and corporate environments in multiple markets across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States of America.


Professional specialisms:

Corporate Communications; Branding; Employee Communications; Social Media; Online Marketing; Crisis Communications & Issues Management


Core competencies:

International communications & marketing; Wide-ranging experience of working with Government and blue-chip businesses across regions; Emerging market expertise based on on-the-ground experience; Able to operate in both consultancy and in-house environments; Very experienced trainer and leader


B3 Consulting is currently developing a new communications concept: 'New Brand Voice' (see separate site linked at right, for details). B3 Consulting also organises the annual WightBlat event for owners and enthusiasts of the Lotus and Caterham Seven under the motouring.co.uk name.


Please contact me via my Linkedin profile which can be accessed using the button on this page.


PR is dead, long live communication

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